Open XVG Electrum TOR not connecting anymore since a few days

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New member
Aug 10, 2019

hopefully Verge team can help out here as it seems like the Electrum wallets are not really supported anymore. I was "offline" for some time so I missed this and maybe now Im too late to have my funds transferred to a better wallet.

Anyway, issues started last week when I went to check my electrum wallet. It didnt connect anymore so I digged online for a solution and none of them worked (using .onion and torbrowser, changing ports etc, you name it). In the end I tried to recover my wallet with the Electrum TOR, which worked and I was connected again until like 2 days ago. Now again it's not connecting to any .onion from the server list, no ssl and with socks5 localhost 9150. Updated the from github as suggested somewhere, restarted macbook and gave TOR browser a new identity.... But nothing helps!!

So hopefully someone here knows whats going on?

Thanks in advance