Open What is QuickBooks Error 15222 all about?

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Jul 21, 2020
While downloading a payroll or attempting QuickBooks update, if the process is not completed successfully, then QuickBooks error 15222 is displayed. Error refers to maintenance release error or payroll update error with QuickBooks. Errors 15222 QuickBooks, make it difficult for users to execute routine tasks and therefore disrupt regular workflow activities.
What are the reasons for QuickBooks Error 15222 occurrence?
  • The download is interrupted by anti-malware, anti-spyware or any other virus protection software, resulting in denial of permission to download. This happens because the anti-virus software assumes the download or update to be a threat and therefore does not permit its progress.
  • The digital signature fails to get registered by the Internet Explorer function and hence the download is not able to progress
  • Any other reason for failure to verify digital signature of the downloads thereby interrupting it
  • Incompatible browser that does not support QuickBooks.
How to resolve QuickBooks error 15222?
  • If the problem is caused due to blocking by anti-spyware:
  1. Modify the anti-virus software to exempt the files qbw32.exe and qbupdate.exe and the domains:, and
  2. Once exempted, the anti-malware software will not interrupt QuickBooks updates or payroll downloads.
  • If it is due to digital signature verification issues:
  1. Close any open QuickBooks
  2. Locate the file QBW32.exe using Windows Search
  3. Right-click the file and select Properties
  4. Lick the Digital Signature tab and ensure Intuit, Inc. is selected.
  5. Click details and then click View Certificate in the Digital Signature window.
  6. Click Install in the Certificate window.
  7. Keep clicking Next and finally click Finish.
  8. Restart the system and open QuickBooks again.
  9. Verify if the error is resolved.
In case the error is encountered, the user can try using the above procedure to rectify the issue. In case the user is unable to resolve it by himself/ herself, he/she can contact QB Premier Support at our QuickBooks premier support phone number 1-888-660-0607 and get the best assistance from our professional QuickBooks ProAdvisor to resolve the problem.