Versions of QuickBooks Desktop are Supported on Windows 10

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The tech world has a lot to offer, and as we step closeto complete digitalization, there is a customized piece of technology for every business. Similarly, the windows operating system continues to upgrade to its latest version. Recently the windows operating system 10 was launched, and many of you might have already upgraded to it. Whereas, a few of you might still be thinking to avail the benefits of this new version. If you are one of them, then I would highly recommend you to first find out whether your QuickBooks accounting software is compatible with the new OS or not.

This segment will provide you with the information regarding the compatibility of different QuickBooks versions with windows 10. Whereas, if youcan take assistance from our accounting experts using our helpline.

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QuickBooks desktop version that are supported by windows 10
Below are the QuickBooks desktop versions supported by windows 10, let us have a detailed look:

QuickBooks desktop 2016 R7 and later
If you are making use of QuickBooks 2016 R7, then you need not to worry for switching to windows 10, as this version along with the later versions are compatible with the windows 10. The QuickBooks 2016 R7 and later version users won’t face issue with the latest windows version.

QuickBooks desktop 2015 and 2016 (Release 1-6)
QuickBooks desktop 2015 and 2016 R1-6 with windows 10 are only compatible with a condition that .NET framework 3.5 is enabled on the system, or else the user might encounter certain issues.

QuickBooks desktop 2014 and earlier
If you are making use of the QuickBooks desktop 2014 and earlier version, then you need to immediately update the QuickBooks software to the latest version. These versions aren’t compatible with the windows 10.

Ensure optimal performance with QuickBooks desktop
It is essential to have the .NET framework 3.5 enabled, so as to avoid any sort of compatibility issue.

  • You are required to press Windows + R key, and this will open the run window.

  • Type in the control panel and click on ok tab.
  • Select the uninstall a program option.

  • Click on the turn windows features on or off.

  • In case you see the box in front of .NET framework 3. Enabled and .NET framework 4.5 as well, and also check both of the boxes.

  • Click on the ok tab.

Checking out the compatibility of the QuickBooks softwareis necessary, so as to avoid any sort of issue with the smooth functioning of the software.

If you are new to this accounting software, then feel free to reach out to our QuickBooks enterprise customer supportprofessionals at 1-800-761-1787for more information and better guidance to make the best use of QuickBooks accounting software.