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New member
Verge Team
Dec 9, 2018
Good Day. Dont really get too involved in Bios but I am Mark ( VergeCanada @VergeCanada ) on twitter, and Verge Currency(XVG)-Mark on Discord. I am located in Alberta, Canada .
I was first aware of Crypto in around 2010/2011 when BTC was .08. I have followed crypto in and out since then and opened up kraken Jan 26, 2016. Needless to say, that didnt work out.
I have been tracking Verge since 2017, and after a ton of research on the Team, and the purpose/mission, i became involved. Privacy is very real, and a very relevant topic in todays society. It will always be relevant. When looking at a project I was immediately fascinated with the NON ICO, and volunteer aspect. This, to me, represents a true project. A team that is driven by the projects success, and not the monetary value of it. When we look at most volunteer projects, the passion seems to be greater than "paid to work" projects. It seems to me that Verge will only get stronger. We have taken out a huge roadblock, and thats funding. We dont need to worry about how we spend ICO money, because we didnt have it. This allows us to focus on case use, development, and marketing, with no "approval process"...based on funding. I am extremely excited to be part of this project, and to have the community support this large.
I think as crypto becomes more adopted, and more people realize what Verge stands for, we will be a highly used payment option. These are just my personal thoughts, but I know this is what the Team is trying to accomplish.