Verge listed on two more exchanges & Bitbns!

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Verge Team
Nov 30, 2017
It's hard to keep up but Verge has been added to two more exhanges and a big vendor!

Verge was recently added to and Bitbns
Both of these exhanges are medium sized currently. You can already see that Verge is very popular on when you look at the trading volume of the exchanges here. Bitbns is the leading exchange in India and is growing rapidly. They have just listed Verge so trading volume is at the time of writing not shown yet.

Another great intergration is that with bunker501. They are the largest airsoft supplier in The Netherlands by far. They also deliver world wide!

We are on the Verge of more greatness soon likely with how things have been going these past few days.

Stay tuned!

- Cloakfox
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