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May 26, 2018
can't sync my wallet. I have downloaded the latest and followed the instalation rules.
Still it has only 0 connections, even after a couple of days on.
I checked the filelog and the error is (just the top lines):

trying connection ny4jwuh6s4pg4icu.onion:21102 lastseen=489.3hrs
Cannot connect to ny4jwuh6s4pg4icu.onion:21102: unsupported network
trying connection q6q3ixlb7oq6ekzd.onion:21102 lastseen=496.4hrs
Cannot connect to q6q3ixlb7oq6ekzd.onion:21102: unsupported network
trying connection xdl3tr3t22vzifqg.onion:21102 lastseen=497.8hrs
Cannot connect to xdl3tr3t22vzifqg.onion:21102: unsupported network
trying connection 24aqh6eq6anmnhwy.onion:21102 lastseen=518.0hrs
Cannot connect to 24aqh6eq6anmnhwy.onion:21102: unsupported network
trying connection g5hpq47z5cklqasn.onion:21102 lastseen=640.4hrs

Any ideas? Add a manual server? How do I do that?


Verge Team
May 26, 2018
Hey cristio211,

as I don't know what system you are using, I would suggest you to go to either of these addresses:

MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/VERGE
Windows: %appdata%/VERGE
Linux: ~/.VERGE

After you went there, you will find a peers.dat.
Just delete it and the wallet will after restart re-create it with new and mostly valid peers!