Top Recycling Companies in India

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Sep 8, 2022
India ranks high on the list of rapidly developing nations. While the advances are impressive, the odds are hard to ignore. For instance, waste generation in the country has doubled and is expected to triple by 2025. From toxic solid waste and plastic waste to battery waste, automobile waste, and more, the increasing garbage in landfills is an alarming issue. Recycling companies in India are on a mission to put a strategic waste management measure into practice. The idea is to encourage businesses and individuals to maximise the reusing and recycling of products to reduce the growing waste stream.

Consumer behaviour plays a key role in the initiative too. Recycling companies in India and producer responsibility organisations like Karo Sambhav works towards making recycling a regular lifestyle. It certainly reduces the awful impacts of the toxic waste streams on the environment. More importantly, circularity aims to decrease the stress on raw materials and resources. Contrary to the popular idea, resources are not limitless. Recycling increases the lifespan of end-of-life products, minimises resource mining, and reduces environmental degradation.