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Verge Team
Nov 30, 2017

Are you one of those that believe that the world would be improved, if using cryptocurrencies was as simple as using regular old cash?
Most of the cryptocurrencies early adopters do intend to buy goods and services and pay for them in crypto, but face difficulties doing so. Some of these are transaction time, processing time, and often times, the simple lack of infrastructure contribute to holding cryptocurrency back.

At Verge Currency, we have learned the main points as we analyzed the various elements we could control. We have a team in place around the globe working day and night to ensure that our next generation of releases will have smooth user interfaces, with fast, private transactions and wallets that have completely been re-invented with the user in mind.

There are many aspects of payment processing that aren’t in our control though. This is when Verge Currency looks towards projects with strategic elements. We work with third-party service providers to integrate their platform with the Verge blockchain.

In order to reach the next milestone on the road to mass adoption, we have taken up a new project with Net Cents Technology Inc .
NetCents is a payment processing company combining blockchain on their platform in order to provide a secure all-in-one solution to a shopper’s need for online payments.

The NetCents Advantage
Both shoppers and merchants need security against high price volatility and low processing fees so that transactions can happen smoothly. With Cryptocurrencies comes the overhead of conversions between crypto and fiat while making payments.

With NetCents, everything can be found under the same roof. With an e-wallet, an exchange for cryptocurrencies, and portals for crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions, the infrastructure is a one-stop solution for all kinds of payments needs.

Businesses are guaranteed lower fees, faster processing time and easy liquidity that shields them from price volatility. Netcents achieves this by ensuring that business owners get the cost at which they sold their goods for thereby protecting them from the vicious volatility that exists in the crypto-space today.

Advantages to the Verge Global Community
We have jointly decided to embark on this project that brings in a multitude of features to the verge community across the globe. Our goal is to make payments with Verge easier and stress-free.

This project involves full integrating Verge into the NetCents Platform. This provides us a head start on our journey to reach more people and spread the awareness of transaction privacy that Verge provides. To begin with, Merchants associated with NetCents will now be able to accept Verge from their customers while maintaining the protection offered by NetCents.

With NetCent’s Merchant Marketing Campaign, Verge and other currencies on the platform will be exposed to over one million merchants all across the globe. The merchants will be presented with the opportunity to integrate NetCents into their business. Be it a shopper, a cryptocurrency trader, a businessman or just a Verge Investor, all will need just NetCents to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution.

Shoppers would be able to buy Verge or trade it with other currencies ( both Fiat and virtual) using the Netcent’s Exchange. They will also be able to use the Netcents Digital wallet to make payments in any of the currencies they own. Simplicity is the essence of this project and we are working towards a one-stop solution for all kinds of online payment needs.

Are you with us?
The reason that our partnerships, collaborations, and projects have worked phenomenally in the past is because of the support we have received from the whole community. This project with NetCents is a unique opportunity to break through walls that hinder us on the journey towards mass adoption. Help us get the word out and let us know how NetCents and Verge can help your online experience get better!

Written by Akshay | Twitter @sourcedexter
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