newbie, wallet issues

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Dec 11, 2019
I am no techie in this field. I just bought a load of various crypto couple of years ago and just sitting on them in hope they increase in value.
I have not logged into the wallet for nearly a year maybe but when i did recently, the wallet "electrum xvg 2.4.1", was not syncing. I did some searching and downloaded the latest wallet 3.3.8.
I have tried setting this up and when asking for the wallet, the wallet i select is not readable.
I have also tried leviosa wallet but that is 5 years and 8 months behind.
The old wallet in my appdata folder has seemed to have been deleted when i updated the wallet.
My coins are still showing in the old 2.4.1 and are still visible in the blockchain on my address.
I have read throughthe forum but not finding exactly the info i need that i am able to follow.
Any advice and any idiot guidlines for a non tech please.
windows 7 64 bit