How to use Quicken? - A Comprehensive Guide

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Sep 11, 2019
New York

Quicken is the accounting software that is known to handle the personal financial data of an individual. The accounting software helps you to keep a track record of your monthly bills, expenditure, expenses, loans, and monthly payments, etc. Along with this, it provides you the information about bank and credit card balances. The software allows you to send reminders for your due bills, either by e-mail or mobile app. If you also want to use the software to handle your personal accounting software, then you must know How to use Quicken.

Steps of How to Use Quicken

  1. Activate your Quicken membership

You need to purchase a Quicken subscription from Fir this, you have to create a Quicken ID or you can use the existing ID for purchase.

  1. Setup Quicken Profile

Secondly, you have to activate your Quicken membership.

  1. Set up First Account

You need to set up your first account. With this, the software will connect to your bank.

  1. Take a Tour of Quicken

You can see different tools in the software and use it according to your requirements.

  1. Update your Accounts

Now, you have to update your accounts so that you can keep your transactions up-to-date.

  1. Categorize your Transactions

Categorizing the transactions help you to see the amount of money you have spent.

  1. Set up your Bills and Income Reminders

Next, you can set up your bills and income reminders. With this, you can avoid late fees and overdraft charges.

  1. Create a Budget

Now, you can create your budget and can easily get an idea about your upcoming bills and income.

  1. Use the Home Tab

The home tab will help you to keep track of your finances.

  1. Use Quicken on your Phone, Tablet, or the Web

You can monitor your fees, balances, and spending habits daily on your phone or web.

If you still want to know more about How to use Quicken, then dial Toll-free Quicken Support Number 1-877-263-2742.

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