How to Turn on Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise?

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Are you seeking for the process to turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks enterprise? If yes, then you need to check this segment out with full concentration. QuickBooks advanced inventory feature assists in maintaining as well as tracking the stock and virtually moving the products from one facility to another including its physical movement. This feature enables to handle the business swiftly right in QuickBooks.

This segment will brief you with the information related to turning on advanced inventory in QuickBooks enterprise. Go through the segment with full concentration, or connect with our tech geeks using our dedicated support line.

Features of advanced inventory
Below are the features of advanced inventory:
  • The advanced inventory feature enables to track each and every item from a specific location in the warehouse.
  • Also, a feature to transport or transfer the specific items or consignments to between the inventories.
  • You can enjoy barcode scan facility to grad the data, information, or detail of the specific item quickly and easily.
  • Managing the specific item or consignment by serial number or lot number.

Importance of QuickBooks advanced inventory
Advanced inventory can be of great importance for QuickBooks users.
  • Extracting the item data via barcode scanning
  • Also using advanced inventory gives a flexibility to track and trace the lot number or serial number
  • Another perk is that one can track the inventory placed at multiple locations
  • You would also have to track and trace the inventory data
  • Tracking and tracing the bin location
  • Serial and lot number
  • Multiple location inventory
  • Fifo costing
  • Work right inside QuickBooks enterprise
  • Mobile inventory barcode scanning
  • Customizable inventory reports

Steps to turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks enterprise
The below steps can be performed to turn on advanced inventory in QuickBooks enterprise.
  • You would have to head to the edit menu.
  • Furthermore, choose preferences.
  • Along with that you need to choose the items and inventory.
  • You now have to navigate to the company preference.
  • And see the inventory and purchase orders are an active pop up.
  • You would also have to choose the advanced inventory setting tab. In case the advanced inventory option appears as gray, then this indicates that the user has purchased the feature and need to sync the user license data so that it enables the QuickBooks to reorganize it.
  • Now, in QuickBooks, head to the help and manage my license option and also choose sync license data online.
  • You are also required to verify that the advanced inventory settings is not gray anymore.
  • Furthermore, shut down and restart the QuickBooks program.

Turning on advanced inventory in QuickBooks enterprise will be a little easy, using the steps that are mentioned in above.
However, if for some reason you aren’t able to turn on the advanced inventory even after performing the steps above, then in that case connect with our QuickBooks enterprise tech support team professionals using our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.