Open How to Import Bank Transactions into QuickBooks

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Jan 18, 2021
Are you trying to import bank transactions in QuickBooks from a bank that does not support Web Connect. If you not found your bank in QuickBooks Online, you need to download and import banking transactions using a QuickBooks Online file or Excel and a CSV file. You want to Import your bank transactions using the .QBO format. Instead of Importing bank transactions to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) using the .CSV file is not available.

First you need to connect your bank account to QuickBooks wiht the username and password to login to your bank's and financial institution's website. Once you enter your username and password, QB program will stay connected and download and import transactions everyday.

  • If you are using QBDT Go to the File menu
  • Then Select Utilities then click on Import
  • Then click on Web Connect Files
  • Click on the .QBO file you saved
  • You need to Open the file
  • Select your bank account then Click on Continue option
  • Select OK Then, go to the Bank Feeds Center
  • Then import your bank transactions