How to Fix TurboTax 1098-T Error?

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Sep 11, 2019
New York

1098-t is an American IRS tax form that is delivered by educational institutions to the college students. It will give information about a student’s tuition payments. The particular form is filed by the college students who have enrolled themselves during the tax year. Sometimes, the students come across TurboTax 1098-t error while filing the form.
The error indicates that you have copied the information and mistake has occurred while pasting it. With this, let’s discover the various causes of 1098-t error.
Causes of 1098-t Error TurboTax
Here are some of the possible causes for the happening of 1098-t error TurboTax:
1.) It might be a possibility that there is invisible characters formatting.
2.) The particular error message may occur due to the details comprising some spaces before or after the entries.
Solutions to Fix TurboTax 1098-t Error
These are the steps to troubleshoot error 1098-t:
1.) Firstly, you need to be sure that there are no extra spaces before or after the entries.
2.) Now, you are required to try a different web browser.
3.) Next, you are supposed to install another browser on your PC.
4.) Then after, you are supposed to use a TurboTax phone app for opening TurboTax in your browser window.
5.) Finally, you have to type the information to prevent 1098-t error.
If you are still facing TurboTax 1098-t error, you need to dial Toll-free TurboTax Support Phone Number 1-877-263-2742.
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