How to Fix Quicken Error 28?

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Sep 11, 2019
New York

Tracking your finance may become difficult in case you confront Quicken Error 28. The software error takes place when you try to complete a one step update on your system. The specific error can be handled easily once you understand its possible causes. So, without delaying much let’s discuss the causes of the software error.

Causes of Quicken Error 28

1.) Chances are there that information files might get corrupted.

2.) It might be possible that Quicken software is not compatible with the financial institutions.

3.) Quicken is not up-to-dated.

Methods to Fix Quicken Error 28

Here we would be discussing various methods to troubleshoot the software error. Follow the step by step instructions in the same manner as given in these points:

Method 1- Quicken Connect Accounts

1.) First, you need to click on the add account button.

2.) Now, you have to type the financial institution name.

3.) Next, go through the wizard.

4.) You have to select the link on the screen that is shown and then you need to link to the existing software account.

5.) Click Continue.

Method 2- Direct Connect Accounts

1.) Initially, hit the account name in the list to open the register.

2.) Now, you have to click on the settings gear.

3.) Hit on the troubleshooting tab.

4.) You need to hit on deactivate downloads option.

5.) Next, you are supposed to repeat steps 2-4 for all accounts.

6.) You will be clicking on the settings gear again.

7.) Hit on set up transaction download option.

8.) You have to type in the bank name and go through the wizard.

9.) Thereafter, select the link. With this, Quicken software will find the available accounts at the bank for your login credentials.

10.) Link to existing Quicken account.

11.) Finally, click on continue.


The methods given in the content might help you in troubleshooting Quicken Error 28. In case you face any difficulty in implementing the above-mentioned steps, you need to contact Quicken professionals.

To know additional solutions for Quicken Error 28, dial the Toll- Free Quicken Support Phone Number +1-888-660-0582.

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