How to Enter Inventory in QuickBooks?

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Sep 11, 2019
New York

Undoubtedly, tracking inventory in QuickBooks accounting software helps you to save time and money. Along with this, inventory feature in QuickBooks increases the customer satisfaction and assist you to maintain the proper record of the inventory. Most importantly, the accounting software will allow its users to access information from anywhere. You can also view the data whenever you feel like. With this explanation hope you have got an understanding of QuickBooks Online inventory. Now, let’s understand how to enter inventory in QuickBooks by following the step by step instructions.

How to Enter Inventory in QuickBooks?

1.) Check Subscription

Firstly, you are required to subscribe to QuickBooks Plus. With this, you need to click the gear-shaped icon and after that on account and settings. You have to locate and then click on the billing and subscription option.

2.) Set Up Inventory Tracking

Go to the account and settings menu and after that click on sales option. You are supposed to click on the ON option.

3.) Access the Dashboard

You have to click on the gear icon. With this, you have to click on products and then services.

4.) Use the Dashboard

You can add all inventories or set up categories. Here, you will get the guidance of the inventory management process. And, this will happen by adding categories and subcategories.

5.) Add Inventory to QB Online

a.) To add inventory product to QB Online, you are required to click on new option. Click on an inventory item, then add the product name and fill out the different fields.

b.) You are required to add the category for an organization. You will be adding quantity as well as the price. If you want, you can add a product description, a photo, and notes. You need to click on save.

c.) Finally, you have to click on products and services. Thereafter, you need to click on the services and product. You have to click on the import option. Now, if required you can edit individual items.

You can contact QuickBooks experts in case you want to know how to add inventory in QuickBooks Online.

If you want to get additional information on how to enter inventory in QuickBooks or how to enter inventory in QuickBooks Online, then dial the Toll- Free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1 888-660-0582.

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