How does the cache files cause issues while operating QuickBooks?

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New member
Jun 11, 2021
There might be certain instances when the webpages in QuickBooks take too long to load due to the cached and temporary files stored on your browser. And thus it might end up with QuickBooks something’s not quite right error. Therefore, it is essential to delete the cache files as soon as possible to run the QB application without any issue. Below we have listed some of the steps to remove the cache files in Google Chrome:
  • Open the Google Chrome and then click on the three horizontal lines/ dots located below the X button.
  • Move to the Settings option followed by Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Ensure that you have marked all the checkboxes next to cached images and files and Cookies. Also, the times range is set to All time.
  • In the end, choose the Clear Browsing data option.

Hopefully, we assure you that these steps will help you to remove all the cached files of your browser. And thus it helps in preventing “QuickBooks something's not quite right” error. If you still have any issue, then feel free to contact our experts.