Open Getting QuickBooks EWS UEXP Error while downloading payroll update. How can I fix it?

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New member
Jun 11, 2021
While receiving payroll updates, QuickBooks EWS UEXP Error keep occurring. It all began a week ago, and the problem is still not resolved. Even after considering every solution posted by other users on the community page, I have not been able to find a solution. In fact, I even attempted to enter into my machine using administrator credentials, but nothing worked. Requests for payroll updates are starting to be rejected or time out before being completed, and it appears that this is due to a server error on the Intuit system. However, I cannot calculate payroll taxes or complete payroll tax forms without payroll updates. The payroll subscription is mostly useless till the updating feature is brought back. I have made numerous attempts to contact Intuit experts but none of them responded. So, please help me by providing some simple hacks to rectify the error.