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Nov 30, 2017
Dear VergeFam,

I have been sitting here for a while – reading through posts, articles, twitter feeds, and social media in general to try and take in all the different views and consider them with an unbiased outlook. As many of you are fully aware, I have been on this project for a long time and it is very hard for me to not just automatically defend my baby when there is criticism. Also, it has been difficult for me to find an appropriate way to discuss these subjects openly, as our community has been infested by a thick cloud of toxicity and hatred, which, frankly, some may be justified while a lot are just attempts by individuals or projects in our space wanting to tear us down for ulterior motives.

I know that a lot of our longtime supporters and community members may feel nervous and ask whether our development team is doing enough. Why do they not respond to FUD? I’ll get to these questions shortly.

Today, The Larry and Joe Show posted a new video – I always enjoy hearing what they have to say as they are probably about as unbiased as you can get. While watching the show, it was very apparent that Larry and Joe weren’t their usual chipper and high spirited selves, but instead their expressions seem somber (or melancholy) which caught my attention - (starting at timestamp: 16:28).

“I will personally say that, I can’t believe that Sunerok or the Team would do something to hurt this coin you know? And or deliberately do something to hurt the coin.”

“From an investor’s standpoint, you know it is scary in a way because you’re taking hard earned money that you earned and saying ok I believe that putting this $5,000.00 right now, it is going to be worth more money in the future and when something like this happens and it’s like a step or two back you know you get nervous and I think anyone who was holding Verge when they heard that news felt the same way. So it’s just natural, But you know like we always say it’s not how hard you get hit it’s how good you come back.”

Hearing the show’s commentary made me reflect on how far we have come from a small rag tag team and community project to where we are now - a substantial and sophisticated, global project. However, I also realized that along the way, I lost touch as I do not know most of you, and a lot of you who came to our project over time might not know me, my ethos, or dedication to our community/project.

But I do know that we are all in this incredibly, volatile space together and trying to either build a project with the prospects of it being adopted on a global scale or investing our hard earned money into something bigger than ourselves with the hopes and aspirations of some semblance of relief, whether it be financial independence, a better tomorrow, or any other worthy ideals.

From the deepest depths of my being I want you to know that Sunerok, Myself and all of our absolutely fantastic support and team members would never intentionally do anything to besmirch or hurt this project. Why? Because Verge Currency is our passion. This project has brought together many different walks of life that all share a love and fondness for what Sunerok started many years ago and we would never want to damage what we worked so hard to create, develop, and improve.

With Verge Currency going through all of these various trials and tribulations – I promise you, we are prepared to continue moving ahead full force.

To start, our team is coming together live for the first time in Amsterdam on June 9th. This is going to give us a chance to meet each other in person and really talk about project direction and how we can accomplish those goals. The Amsterdam meetup is also going to give those who are attending a chance to actually put faces to the names of some of our team members and strengthening our bond. This is going to be a huge step towards solidifying our team for the future.

To give you all some additional good news:

Our development team (yes, there is more than one developer) has been working tirelessly for the past several weeks to rebase our primary code for Verge Currency. This move is going to enable a vast array of opportunities for us and will help solidify our currency against any future attacks. We have decided to incorporate RingCT with this massive codebase revision instead of just releasing RingCT separately as it just makes logical sense. While I am not at liberty to discuss a timeline, I can confidently tell you that there have been massive strides made and the development team is getting closer to completion with every passing day. We are confident that the code changes are very significant and are going to improve Verge Currency and its future partnership potential exponentially.

Now – Let me address our valuable and much appreciated investors:

Our presence (@vergecurrency) on social media has been lack luster. Our community team members have been going above and beyond to spread as much information as they can or share what they have been given. Communication is our biggest enemy on the Verge Currency Team as we have not clearly established a process for systematically relaying information in a timely fashion. Yes, it sounds like an excuse – I get it – but it is the simple truth. In order to keep up with the continuous onslaught of misinformation and FUD that is being spread against Verge Currency we would need to dedicate multiple people to answering questions and reassuring investors. While our team tries to the best of their abilities to do this – It has been fairly overwhelming as of late. Another big reason why you are not seeing active updates on the @VergeCurrency handle is because our account was compromised a few months ago, and after regaining control, we decided best to keep the control of the account under the management of one person to limit the amount of people who had direct control over the account as well as increase security measures to prevent the compromise in the future. As most of you probably noticed – past that date – the post count and engagement from the @Vergecurrency handle dropped significantly. We are aware of this issue and are going to rectify this immediately as we know most, if not all of you, depend on that handle as the ‘source of truth and news’ when it comes to all things Verge Currency.

Without getting too far into the weeds, I would like to re-establish this thought process:

Verge Currency – and many of its competitors and counterparts in this segment – are all entering into a very much unknown space. Like many, if not all of the great companies in the world, we are going to make some mistakes, have growing pains, disagreements and so on. While we are aware of this, we must also be aware that we will try to make the best judgement calls and decisions along the way based on then-available information.

It is very –VERY easy to get wrapped up in negative thoughts and spiral out of control when all you see online are articles and FUD about a particular project. Our space has an uncanny power to attract some of the best and brightest minds as well as some of the most vile and despicable people in the world. I understand that it is extremely hard to “keep faith” in something when all you see is negativity. I understand also that it is hard to resist the urge to say “to hell with this” when communications is slow or lacking.

I get it and I can’t stress to you enough that while we have been going through struggles lately, we are taking in all of the feedback and are plotting a course through the quagmire. We are not going anywhere – Verge Currency and its team are here to stay regardless of what happens. We have invested far too many long years into this project to see it fail.

I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of our loyal and steadfast investors and community members who’ve stuck with us. While it may be difficult to comprehend at this time, there is an extremely bright light we are heading toward on this journey.

With Sincerity,

- CryptoRekt @CryptoRekt
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New member
May 30, 2018
Really appreciate the update. I'm heavily invested in Verge and still have faith in the project. Keep it up!
May 6, 2018
Verge can't be stopped, all you need to have is a little bit of faith. Wait till all wankers are start using XVG :)
May 30, 2018
Completely transparent and sincere your communication, feel comfortable in being able to lend support that you require, making communications and sensitive information that help to keep the community informed about the project. Thank you very much for your time. CryptoRekt @CryptoRekt

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Verge must go PoS with Masternodes

PoS with Masternodes will mean - HODLers rewarded and not hackers or miners that only interested to manipulated hardware or codes to get more coins

HODLers - means investors, hoping to make the coin useful for everybody and they will support the coin and will not be interested on fake coins that miners are interested...

Stop dreaming, I know that sunerok is dreaming from a world where rich will not get richer and there will be no poors.

But 99% people are in Verge to make profit.

You have already 25 XVG HODLers owning almost 50% and they can crush the Verge anytime just selling 1% of their assets.

Make this top100 owners work, force them to invest their coins into Masternodes.

With 10 nerds caring about technology and hoping to make a revolution and build a currency for the world, you will fail.
There are a lot of criminals - bad asses ready to sell own mother for a stealing 1 Million Dollar...

You want to make a new asset systems for human being, then take human beings into system, let them decide and take responsibility by owning HODLing the coin and not just speculating with it...

PoW is and will stay centralized, look on bitcoin - miners with big money control almost any newly mined coin and so they can manipulate the bitcoin anytime and even shut it down. PoW is perfect for hackers who only need to invest their time into finding backdoors, better mining systems and produce fake coins.

The hacks happening with verge is proof that manipulation of mining systemif is profitable and you cant stop them in finding backdoors.
There will be always bugs in Code, on Code is perfect.

Any PoW coin will fail like the Tulip Mania, because
-technological progress makes mining cheaper and simpler...
-cheaper production"mining" of coins will result to more coins on market
-price fails, nobody pays a shit for a coin that anybody can produce

It is the basics of economy, but seems nobody in Verge Core have even simple understanding what means "currency" economy human psychology...
May 30, 2018
East Coast
Man oh Day. It's like I'm riding inside an old Pirate ship full of holes, and on rocky seas, the boat sprung a few leaks, "God know's even brick and mortar banks get robbed daily." But it's the Captain who you have faith in. The Captain that will sail us to shiny seas and a treasure that is indeed found on a map. Then there is the crew,, if you believe in the crew, who are all working on the same goals as the Captain? I could go on with this story for a while. But the bottom line is were in a a rocky and very turbulent ride, {[you would think we are in crypto currencies or something>>>?????...hunker down assist in anyway you possibly can, social media, etc. There was a post about pornhub being concerned and pornhub called them out as fake news..... So yes lots of other pirates in the sea too.... Fight on and hold tight....and you will be alright!
May 31, 2018
I'd say shy away from PoS for the time being. It's way to early in this ever evolving arena. In my minds eye, mine-able is key still to this day and foreseeable future. Continue innovating the 2nd, if not a runner-up, most important magnet. What drives our economies? What good comes from the [Verge]-community? How can we as a community grow?

Polo tics' suck life from 360deg. on the compass, focus on foundation!


New member
Jun 5, 2018
If Verge's codebase is being constructed in private, it will not get peer-reviewed by the community of blockchain experts that could help the team find vulnerabilities. Incorporating code without responsibly vetting it will significantly increase the risk of future hacks and makes me nervous. I simply don't trust the Verge development team's level of expertise.
I will ALWAYS be a verge/xvg supporter as well as a holder and I have been, since September 2017 - thanks to my good friends Larry and Joe. I have seen only serious young people working hard and giving their ALL to this project, fighting the fud, while putting out a value quality altcoin. There will always be bumps in the road, but I see a great future with verge, period. It has been great so far for anyone who held since mid 2017. Anyone who sees otherwise - does not know everything or they are just mad they missed the boat. Thank you - to the whole team - for all you give.


New member
May 30, 2018
East Coast
The entire space is bear look at all the alt competitors in the space. Everything has been halved, the market will clean out the trash. And the ones that stick through the next bull run will climb to newer heights. Keep treading water a little while longer, the math(law?) still works....... 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…
Jul 31, 2018
I am adding upon what I feel about Verge -
  1. Originally designed for Bitcoin, Verge makes use of the Electrum wallet. It supports an integration of Tor and I2P technology.
  2. Apart from all these basic features, it also stores the coins in offline mode. Whenever you feel like sending XVG, all you need is to sign a transaction with a private key offline. Once you are done with signing the transaction, you can broadcast your transaction on an online computer.
  3. Apart from Electrum, Verge also supports two Android wallets, one for I2P protocol and other for Tor. These wallets include security features like biometric locking and PIN codes.
  4. Not only wallets, Verge transactions can be done using messaging as well! Yes, you heard it right! You can now send XVG via messages on Twitter, Discord or IRC. Only a person’s username is required and a bot will process the transaction for you.
Verge price prediction is showing an increase to $0.0736 by the end of this year, which is an expected increase of a whopping 212.624276%. Verge price prediction suggests that the Verge price is up for a long-term 778.831015% in the XVG price value with a 5-year investment.