Windows 4GH/s and only 0.06 XVG in a day?

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Hey folks,

So, I tried out mining XVG on my mining ETH machines for a full day to see if it would be profitable or not as I've seen that XVG is supposedly one of the best yielding alt coins at the moment. I used the profit calculator on for XVG and it said for my speed, which is at around 4HG/s or so for XVG, that I should be able to generate like around 6000 full XVG in a day.

So, I created a XVG address and setup my Claymore dual miner to mine XVG along side of ETH and it's running great.

However, after 24 hours of mining XVG at around 4GH/s, my f2pool page for the address only reports that it generated around 0.06 XVG in an entire day. How is that low of an amount at that speed even possible? What's gone wrong here?

This makes no sense to me whatsoever, so I would really appreciate some feedback on this weird problem and to know what you kind folks may think the issue is.

Thank you