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  1. marc

    Partnership speculation

    Hackforums :ROFLMAO:
  2. marc

    Email today from [email protected] re lost XVG

    I'm not from XVG, but I'm pretty sure its a legit email. They have it listed on the public statement about the hack.
  3. marc

    Class Action Lawsuit Against Touch Titans/CoinPouch

    Yes i'm pretty sure its verified. On their public statement about the hack, they mention that email.
  4. marc

    At what price did you buy?

    Bought in Sept for 120 sat, when it hit binance I panic sold at 100 sat. Bought back at 94 sat, 110 sat, and 86 sat. Sold 200k in Nov, which was a massive mistake.
  5. marc

    Who are you

    Let's dedicate this thread to getting to know one another.... I'm a high school senior that has a passion for crypto. I bought my first fraction of bitcoin in 2013 and always been intrigued by how everything worked. I'm currently invested in a bunch of alts, and started to mine ethereum this...
  6. marc

    Solved cant find my verge coins

    Can you elaborate on that? So you cannot find your coins on cryptotopia?
  7. marc

    Class Action Lawsuit Against Touch Titans/CoinPouch

    I lost around 100k, but I am underage so I doubt I can do anything.
  8. marc

    Verge to $1?

    What I don't understand was why build so much hype for wraith Sept - Nov, than the prices just drop completely.
  9. marc
  10. marc

    Verge to $1?

    Who thinks verge will hit $1? Let's hear it!!