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  1. 2lazy2debug

    Happy holidays!

    Hey @cloakfox! Thank you for your kind messages and wish you a wonderful holiday :) Spend some time off, university is hard but family and friends are also important ! Manuel
  2. 2lazy2debug

    Hi guys!

    Yah, hi Alex. *everybody in the circle says hi as well*
  3. 2lazy2debug

    Pool - Verge Scrypt Mining Pool - Now open to the public!

    Are you still active? I just see it's under maintenance...
  4. 2lazy2debug

    Windows Multicurrency Blake2s / X17 mining pool NLpool.NL

    Welcome to our family! If you're planning to stick around you can set a PR on our Verge Mining Pools section on the website (under FAQ) to get lsited as a pool Manuel
  5. 2lazy2debug

    Windows Introducing our Verge Mining Pools

    Looks like you're not offering XVG mining anymore. Is this correct?
  6. 2lazy2debug

    "Contribution" Section?

    @cloakfox time has past!
  7. 2lazy2debug

    I’m waiting for you, smartass!

    I’m waiting for you, smartass!
  8. 2lazy2debug

    TokenPay, eFIN and XVG staking

    Well I understood it was going to be a too difficult task to achieve or required too much effort for what it was. Unfortunately this would need to be cleared up by TokenPay as it’s their products and they’re just using the currency. KR Manuel
  9. 2lazy2debug

    TokenPay, eFIN and XVG staking

    Hi, Please read the updated whitepaper from eFin. There’s no more XVG staking on their platform for now. That said, this is not Verge matter; you should ask TokenPay about the reasons. Manuel [EDIT] Post moved to Off topic.
  10. 2lazy2debug

    Did you solve your problem in the meanwhile? If not please open a thread in troubleshooting...

    Did you solve your problem in the meanwhile? If not please open a thread in troubleshooting section with detailed information about the problem and we’ll help you out :)
  11. 2lazy2debug

    2lazy2debug, but not 2lazy2help

    You greedy boy! Remind me tomorrow, I'll make a thread with all the screenshots I have available :)
  12. 2lazy2debug

    2lazy2debug, but not 2lazy2help

    Seeing that people don't have the habit to introduce themselves, I'll try to make this happen! So... What's up everybody? I'm Manuel or 2lazy2debug from the Verge Core Team. I'm mainly developing the new Android Wallet. Besides Vergecurrency, I love playing piano, shitposting and buying useless...
  13. 2lazy2debug

    Solved Download link - no go

    Hey, we've been updating our website in the meanwhile; you should be able to download your favorite wallet here : The website requires no Flash, just JS activated.
  14. 2lazy2debug

    Open Wallet Electrum (Tor)Sync in Linux mint 18

    Hi, That's odd, electrum doesn't need sync as it gets live data from electrum servers. Electrum on Tor requires Tor running btw, you should try with the browser opened. [EDIT] Thread moved to Troubleshooting
  15. 2lazy2debug

    Open In need of help connecting Electrum-XVG 2.4.1 wallet

    Are you running tor browser?
  16. 2lazy2debug

    New header!

    Nice job! I love it!
  17. 2lazy2debug

    "Contribution" Section?

    Oh gosh I spent hours on github wandering around different reps without noticing this... Thank you buddy, you earned your coffee even if it's me that needs one :) TranxID : 6076a13487eafd34ff1acd34b320035828837b5453ba52ffde8ad8ac65ea14c6
  18. 2lazy2debug

    "Contribution" Section?

    Hi fellas! I'm new here and happy to see there's a forum now! I wanted to post a draft of french translation for the untranslated parts of the website (like FAQ) and I was looking for a "Contributions" section... Maybe with a section like this one you will be able to get the most of the...