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  1. rayennss

    Solved hardfork

    dont save it on yobit bro . they have alot issue .
  2. rayennss

    Solved How secure are these forums?

    i think forum not hold any coin . wallet do .
  3. rayennss

    Solved Verge and MindGeek, what kind of partnership is this ?

    verge team really working hard for this project . we just need to lay down and look at the moon .
  4. rayennss

    Solved Smallest unit of verge?

    as always 0.00001
  5. rayennss

    Any example of Donatur XVG in forum ? and i have suggestion

    Maybe better for upgrading account not actual price in USD . How about in XVG actual ? like 100 / 200 XVG . so when XVG touch $100 it will be something haha
  6. rayennss

    Verge (XVG) Added on Bitfinex with USD/EUR pairs!

    great news . i believe it will more bigger
  7. rayennss

    Solved Any way to get free verge ?

    hi im interesting with this coin . how to get it for free ?