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  1. lucklight

    Solved hardfork

    There are no airdrops during the hard fork that occurred on the 23rd and has nearly completed the codebase transfer today. This hard fork was to allow stealth addressing on the Verge blockchain. If you have Xvg on yobit I would advise you to take them out if you can, yobit has scammed many...
  2. lucklight

    Ninja Report #01

    We are pleased to announce formally the XVG Ninjas, the official PR team for Verge!
  3. lucklight

    Verge year in review, looking forward and back. By: Luck Light

    Greetings, I am Luck Light, Verge Telegram Community Manager and Growth Hacker on the Verge Core Marketing Team. Thanks for this opportunity. I have been researching Verge for over one year now. Verge turned 3 last October. Verge started out as a fork of Peercoin with the POS ripped out and...
  4. lucklight

    Solved Electrum-XVG 2.4.1 Connection Issue

    Wait till after the fork and upgrade wallet then restore.
  5. lucklight

    Solved Verge-QT 3.0; Can't unlock wallet

    Wait till after hard fork and upgrade wallet then restore.
  6. lucklight

    Solved vergetip_bot not working

    Dev is upgrading all PIP bots for new codebase.
  7. lucklight

    First post

    Soontm is a old online joke, "we use soon so often we should trade mark it" Wraith stage 1 is already out since Nov. Wraith stage 2 is scheduled on the roadmap to be fully released before the end of Q4, or at any time before Dec.31 is the goal.