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  1. Kobatron

    Funds not showing in iOS wallet When recovered

    Hi please help, I recovered my IOS wallet with my recovery phrase but it’s not showing the old address with my funds in it... the address is still showing funds on the block chain but I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I used the 12 work recovery and the pass phrase.
  2. Kobatron

    Codebase Lumos 5.1.0

    “Even the integration for possible POS systems is now more standardized as we moved to it.” All good just my interpretation of what you wrote. I can understand how that would be an issue coming towards max supply so soon. Extending the time, what are the options to how that could be...
  3. Kobatron

    Codebase Lumos 5.1.0

    Why have we decided as a currency to move towards POS when we were 100% against it to start with? Just trying to understand. What are the advantages?