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Latest development update!

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Development Update on Verge #5
As you know we are volunteers, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t actively working on improvements. I’m sure some of you are interested in what we’ve done since our last update! Let me walk you through it all?‍♀️

To begin, I want to thank the #VergeFam on the positive feedback we have been receiving. Your trust in us is precious and we thank you for it! We are really happy to get your feedback and constructive criticism! As such we are always trying to improve our communication and provide better transparency! ?

Again if you have something to tell us, we are available on Telegram...

A note from CryptoRekt

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Dear VergeFam,

I have been sitting here for a while – reading through posts, articles, twitter feeds, and social media in general to try and take in all the different views and consider them with an unbiased outlook. As many of you are fully aware, I have been on this project for a long time and it is very hard for me to not just automatically defend my baby when there is criticism. Also, it has been difficult for me to find an appropriate way to discuss these subjects openly, as our community has been infested by a thick cloud of toxicity and hatred, which, frankly, some may be justified while a lot are just attempts by individuals or projects in our space wanting to tear us down for...

Verge mining exploits have been resolved & new Verge miner [beta] for windows!

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A few days ago Verge (XVG) suffered from a timestamp attack wich allowed the exploiters performing the attack to mine Verge effortlessly with a super low difficulty. (more info, scroll all the way down) The issues have been resolved already though on may 25th, and everything is running smooth again.

Recently community member Gridcore released his Verge GUI miner, a super easy to use program that allows you to mine Verge (XVG) on your Windows desktop. The project is opensource and is currently in beta and only available for windows currently.

Mining Verge has never been easier:
More info...

Summary of latest news

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Latest news posted by the Verge Currency twitter account that you might have missed, summed up in this post!

Let's dive straight in.

Verge recently held a contest for the soon to be released new Verge wallet, community members where able to submit their artwork for it to be displayed on the loading screen of the new wallet. Winners have been announced on the official twitter handle of Verge (@vergecurrency). You can also view the winners in the attachments below, they are truly amazing!

Moving on, Verge is now also accepted by 3 new vendors. The first one is Dioxyme one of the biggest supplement companies in the industry. You can use code...

Verge Block rewards halved!

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Block 2.124.000 has officially passed and the block rewards have been halved!

What does this mean?
It means that whenever miners mine a block they will receive less Verge as a reward for mining it.

But doesn't that mean less people will mine Verge?
Yes and no. Initially some miners will stop mining Verge, but that decreases difficulty, wich in return brings back other miners that find it profitable to mine Verge. Longer term the price of Verge will increase because less XVG are minted.

Kind regards,


Verge Twitter

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