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Codebase Lumos 5.1.0

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We are stoked to present the largest technology upgrade ever performed by Verge Currency.

We have released the new codebase, officially named as Verge Lumos for public usage and is therefore available on github. We highly recommend it to be used for everyday usage considering the huge improvements that have been made since previous major update. After letting our users upgrade their wallets, we are going to contact exchanges and mining pools to also upgrade their services. This newly upgraded core will introduce new possibilities for Verge to move...

Development Update on Verge #15

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The 15th bi-weekly update & most reliable Verge development review.

Once the codebase was released, exactly two weeks ago, it received a lot of well-described reviews. Also, many people took their time to test a lot of things within the new codebase to ensure the highest quality blockchain for the Verge community. As a result, we have a lot of open tasks needing finishing!
Furthermore, Verge’s updated vision written within the new Blackpaper was also very well received within the community due to its easy-to-read and understand nature, as well as adding a view beyond the current tasks of Verge.

Codebase 5.0 Alpha Release & Blackpaper 5.0

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We are proud to present, what we’ve worked so hard to create, The Codebase! (still in alpha). At this very moment you can click here and access our repository to find the Verge 5.0 Codebase, alpha release.

Wow Manuel, finally! We’ve been waiting for this. But… Manuel, what does this mean? What does the new codebase version bring?
If you remember, we already talked about this few updates ago, but since I’m a nice guy, I’ll remind you in some points what the new codebase allows us:
  • Substantial blockchain performance improvements...

Trifecta for Mass Adoption

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Singapore — December 23, 2018 — Today, before the kickoff of many holiday festivities, The Crypto Den, PLAAK and Verge are announcing a three way collaborative effort, to promote and educate everyone on the acceptance of cryptocurrency. Their combination of skills in education, best in class UX design, and advanced security technologies, allow for a powerful push towards mass adoption.

“We wanted to bring Verge and PLAAK together, we think highly of Verge’s ability to bring partners into the cryptosphere” said Dave, Co-founder of The Crypto Den (TCD) “PLAAK is...

Development update on Verge #12

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Outside’s cold, mulled wine is out in the streets to warm you, Christmas lights shine in the dark and Manuel’s writing the new and last development update of the year while holding a warm cup of coffee, before handling it to Alex to give it his magic touch. ( I asked him for a cup of Caribou and all I got was typos’)
From a market point of view, this year has been devastating for traders, but at Verge, this situation has been only favourable for us. Thus allowing us to work (in relative peace)...

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